Two Rivers
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About The Film
John & Gerri GrosVenor
John, (Echota Cherokee), is Director of the First Nations Outreach of the North West District of the Church of the Nazarene. Gerri, his wife, is Yankton Sioux. Both live on the Colville reservation in Nespelem Washington, and are active in community life there. John travels frequently, speaking at various organizations as an apologist for Native American culture, and on the issues that separate Natives and Non-Natives. He has been a key leader in the reconciliation group, skilled both in teaching Non-Natives Native American cultural fundamentals, and in leading them to develop better ways of  facilitating reconciliation.
Glen & Carolyn Schmekel
Glen is an executive for the Methow Valley School District, his wife Carolyn owns and operates a successful interior decorating business in Winthrop. Both are well-regarded leaders in numerous community organizations in Twisp. Over the years they have become particularly articulate on Native / Non-Native relationships, and are beginning to develop a wider audience for their experiences and expertise in Native American issues.
Spencer Martin

Spencer is Squaxin, Colville, and Methow. He was raised traditionally from an early age by his aunt, who hoped he would take on her role as spiritual leader for several tribes in North Central Washington, which he eventually did.  Because of his position among the tribes, he has been particularly effective in interesting traditional reservation Natives in contact and relationship with European Americans. Also an effective leader, Spencer is particularly gifted at translating Native American cultural principles into terms that European Americans can grasp. His input and leadership in this respect has been an important foundation for the group, and a key to its success. Spencer led the initiative to create a documentary for the reconciliation group.

Ron & Cheryl Race

Ron owns and operates his own locksmith company in Twisp; Cheryl writes and markets a line of custom greeting cards. Both are also active leaders in their community, and dedicated supporters of the powwow. Rons’ outspoken honesty about his previous insensitivity to Native people is remarkable. His affection for Native Americans now is infectious, as is both their passion for all Native causes.

Steve & Georgia Iukes
Georgia Iukes passed in 2005, some eight months before the film was completed. Prior to that time, both Steve (Palouse), and Georgia (Wenatchee) lived on the Colville reservation as senior and respected elders among their people. Well into his 80’s, Steve continues to be an active leader in the reservations cultural activities, and other programs that support Native culture. Initially reluctant to attend the Twisp meetings due to negative experiences with racism in the Methow, the Iukes became active participants, and instrumental in supporting, developing, and organizing the reconciliation powwows.
Marge & Phil Downey

Residents of the nearby Okanogan valley, Marge and Phil are known throughout the greater Omak area for the work they do on behalf of various needy residents in the Okanogan Valley. They feed, clothe, and often house some of the valley’s most destitute people. They volunteer for and support many of the valley’s Native American activities. Along with the Races and Schmekels, they make up the Non-Native core of the group.