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Rod Mitchell

After a ten-year career in technology, in positions ranging from corporate sales manager to technology consultant, Rod decided he needed a change: “It wasn’t just about creativity, I wanted to do something more people oriented, which had a positive effect on society.”

After UCLA film school and various internships, he developed a successful industrial film company, “Face of Your Business”, and launched his first, highly successful PBS documentary “Two Rivers” for PBS, the first of several award-winning broadcast documentaries. He’s currently developing a new feature documentary project, “Idaho: From the Heart”.

Rod Mitchell
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“Two Rivers”, Greenleaf Street's first film was an award winning, seven-year labor of love. It documented a highly original Native American reconciliation project in the Northwest, so different from traditional programs it needed a film that would teach others what they were doing, why they were succeeding, and why traditional efforts were failing so often.

After a two-year national broadcast on PBS, “Two Rivers” literally went viral. It’s now a go-to resource for reconciliation groups in North America, and has become a tool for general diversity training in businesses, religious groups, colleges, and various other state sponsored initiatives across the country.

“Finding Heaven”, A chance Starbucks comment: “I guess they just choose to believe” launched this film. Why do people of faith believe as they do, and if faith is based on experiences, what effect do such experiences have on problems so many of us have to face?

“Finding Heaven” explores these questions by examining two women’s journeys from broken marriages and crippling depression to their supernatural experiences, emotional healing, and subsequent restoration of their families and marriages.

After premiering internationally on GodTV, ACCTV, Shine TV and INI, FH broadcast in North America on GodTV, Miracle Channel, NRB, and TLN, receiving numerous broadcast accolades, and was a finalist for ICFF’s “Most Inspirational Film” award.

Idaho: "From the Heart"

“Idaho: From the Heart” After relocating to Boise in 2019, Rod wanted to develop a feature doc project that celebrated Idaho, and the spirit of community he felt here, (especially after 20 years of life in Los Angeles). Assisted by former state historian Keith Peterson and other professional historians, he developed a project that could both stand alone as a broadcast project, or function as tent pole media for a state wide program to stimulate volunteerism and philanthropy here in Idaho. The following documents provide a general overview of the project concept, and an in depth treatment of the feature film itself: