Greenleaf Street Productions LLC

A documentary well told lifts us out of the mundane, helps us to see from a larger perspective, to experience how others have faced their struggles and challenges. It energizes us to re-examine our lives, to discard the unimportant and embrace the meaningful.

Documentaries succeed when they engage, delight, and entertain people, if they’re intelligent and believable, and when they’re made with first class production values.

Greenleaf Street’s mission is to serve as a voice for ideas, history, people, groups, and communities that have something to offer society, and need to be heard.

“Two Rivers”, Two Rivers, Greenleaf Street's first film, documents the effect a small group of people is having on relations with Native Americans in communities across the Northwest.

“Finding Heaven”
, Finding Heaven is a completely new kind of Christian media: A series of ten films that show the Gospel, instead of telling it.

About Us

Rod Mitchell

Rod is an award winning documentary filmmaker, with a background of over twenty years of successful technical sales and sales management experience. "Two Rivers" was featured in over ten documentary film festivals, won several awards including Creation Arts "Best Documentary" and an Aurora Platinum award, and ran nationally on PBS for three years, broadcasting on 80% of their stations.

Rod began his career in the computer industry in New York, and launched a computer catalog while at Grey Advertising . As a senior sales manager with a software company in Los Angeles, he sold to clients including Hughes Aircraft, Disney Studios, and Warner Bros. Rod attended UCLA film school with the intention of developing a documentary and corporate media production company. Greenleaf Street Productions was founded in 2002 and out of the gate completed a variety of successful corporate video projects.

Judy Mitchell

Judy has over 25 years experience managing strategic planning and implementing revenue producing lead generation, acquisition and retention programs for businesses of all sizes. Judy has experience with large volume catalog, direct mail, email, websites, microsites/landing pages, DRTV, social, search, as well as on-boarding, retention and customer experience initiatives, retail and more.

Judy most recently was V.P. of Client Services at the Kern Agency an Omnicom company, for thirteen years, where she led strategy and the dramatic growth for clients including Avaya, Clearwire, DIRECTV, Sprint, and many more.